New KBC Office Hours

At KBC, we’re dedicated to making your life easier. You deserve the best vision planning and collaboration for all of your business and project needs.

In 2014, we’re launching new office hours in order to enhance our project efficiency to better serve you. We’ve carefully crafted times during our workday to collaborate directly with our clients to effectively produce pristine results for each project.

KBC’s New Office Hours

Mon – Fri, 9am to 4pm

From 9am to 1pm, we are dedicating time to meet with you first-hand, collaborate on core project details, address key business needs, and speak with you one-on-one.

From 1pm to 4pm, we’ll be working hard in our offices, pumping out project work, graphics, and brand plans to deliver an exceptional finished product – always making sure to be on-time and on-budget.

Should you arrive upon a project emergency, please be sure to call the dedicated client emergency line to address those special project circumstances.

New! Referral Discounts

KBC’s Annual Rewards Program

What can be better than holiday sparkle? SAVING MONEY! Each time you refer a colleague or business to KBC that results in a new contractual agreement, you’ll receive a 10% discount on your next invoice payment while keeping a little cash in your pocket! Simply email us with the name of your business referral so we can keep it handy when applying your invoice discount.

Steps to Take Before Submitting for that Grant

Grant Writing 101Many organizations, for-profit and non-profit alike, consider grant funding as a means to kick-start new organizational initiatives, fund internal programs, build new facilities, or expand existing programs. But many organizations adequately prepare for everything else, yet go in head first, unprepared for grant submission – and even worse – grant management.

Is your organization prepared to take the steps necessary to make a successful grant submission?

Several organizations mistakenly have the: “We want it. We need it. Let’s submit on it. We’ll get it!” mentality. I cannot stress how wrong this attitude is! Sure it’s great to expect positive results and feedback on project work and grants you have submitted, but approaching the grant submission and grant management process takes a little more strategic planning and organizational precision.

I can list a plethora of items, to-do lists, and perfect circumstances needed in order for organizations to be more sufficiently prepared for successful grant submission and grant management. I’ve chosen the CRUCIAL MUSTS that organizations must have prepared and in order before submitting on that $500,000 facilities needs grant!

  1. Understanding Your Organization’s Purpose. The biggest No-No in grant submission (or moving forward organizationally, for that matter) is not having your ducks in a row. Your organization’s mission is not only spoken, but is written in the form of a Comprehensive Program Plan, By-laws, Standard Operational Procedures, or other organized document. It is additionally practiced and implemented throughout management, staff, and each initiative and program that the organization carries out. The mission resonates strongly throughout your organization. Having a well-written plan BEFORE any initiative or grant submission simplifies the application process, allowing your grant writer to use core pieces of your plan to best sell your assets.
  2. Strategically Orchestrating Organizational Growth. Sigh…Never get caught up in “Blind Firing,” i.e., submitting on anything and everything that has a dollar amount attached to it. Take time to discuss key organizational needs amongst your management team before submitting on anything. Perhaps your organization’s growth is better planned in stages and manageable phases that help you monitor your organization’s growth in comparison to your initiatives and successes in those areas. What’s your operational, program, or new initiative budget? Is it more beneficial to submit on one large grant or break the submissions into more meaningful pieces? Having a better understanding of the phased needs of your organization helps to streamline the selection and submission process.
  3. Do Your Research! Have you taken the time to effectively partner and collaborate? Market your organization? Get to know the foundations or institutions releasing grant funding? Network locally and seek out grantors whose values match yours? Understanding the initiatives of the grantor, developing and cultivating those relationships, and being keenly aware of a grant’s needs and guidelines before you submit is one progressive MUST that your organization will appreciate.
  4. It’s All About the Timing. First of all, submit every – I mean every – grant on time. Failing to meet specific guidelines and deadlines will put you out fast! But more importantly, having an awareness of your brand’s unique needs, value, perspective, team and growth initiatives will help you to know when the time is perfect for your organization to move forward on the pursuit of a grant.

What stage is your organization in? Ready to pursue?

Join our June 4th webinar, Grant Writing 101: Preparing for Success!

Workshop: Avoiding Non-Profit Pitfalls

6.14.12 @ 5:45pm | Fee: $8 | Avoiding the Pitfalls of Non-Profit Management: Replay | Register!

We understand last Thursday’s storm caused a little snafu, so we’re doing an instant replay of our Non-Profit Workshop. This way, you won’t miss a thing! If you’ve already paid, we will email you a special 7-digit code to enter for your free pass. If the June 14th workshop does not gel with your schedule, please email us | unleash[at]kbc[dash]solutions[dot]com | as soon as possible, and we will set you up for September’s workshop.

Eventbrite - Avoiding the Pitfalls of Non-Profit Management: Instant Replay

Non-profit organizations have the passion to make radical change within their communities. But… passion often overrides sound business management practices. In this hour and a half workshop, KBC’s non-profit management team will share how to avoid pitfalls and sustain your non-profit objectives – long after day one.

  • Vision Planning
  • Establishing A Management Structure
  • Effective Community Partnerships
  • Branding & Marketing Your Organization
  • Financial Planning on A Shoestring Budget

Workshop includes 1.5 course hours, a training manual (electronic & hard copy), light refreshments, and mingling with like-minded non-profit organizations. Register now; space is limited! 1523 Dale Mabry Highway, Suite 201 | Lutz, FL 33548 | 813-641-4175 (just north of County Line Road in Lutz).

Weekly Business Tip: Social Branding for Non-Profits

Many non-profit organizations believe that their surrounding community or target market does not actively partake in mobile or social networking. Additionally, some non-profits believe that utilizing social media may be a waste of their time or that it may not prove to be beneficial for them. But, quite the contrary! Here are some facts for ya:

  • ½ of Americans use social networking sites, within 5 years that number grew from 5% to 50%
  • 98% of young Americans use SM
  • Email connects 85% of the world, social media 62%


These factual stats tell us that we are an increasingly mobile society, and you can bet you’ll find some of your market reach online. So how can you begin integrating social media into your existing marketing platforms? Start with the basics.

  • After selecting your favorite social networking sites, don’t be afraid to share them (@ special events on flyers, in your email newsletter, find friends/community members online and share your new links with them).
  • If you have a website, begin adding social media connections there!
  • Once you’re connected online, begin adding and sharing valuable content. Those face-to-face connections and content sharing can also be added and shared online and over social networking sites!
  • Also! Don’t forget to be as in-tuned and personal with your social networking accounts as you are face-to-face or at special community events!

Your clients and community members will appreciate being able to find and connect with you in more ways than one!