Weekly Business Tip: Social Branding for Non-Profits

Many non-profit organizations believe that their surrounding community or target market does not actively partake in mobile or social networking. Additionally, some non-profits believe that utilizing social media may be a waste of their time or that it may not prove to be beneficial for them. But, quite the contrary! Here are some facts for ya:

  • ½ of Americans use social networking sites, within 5 years that number grew from 5% to 50%
  • 98% of young Americans use SM
  • Email connects 85% of the world, social media 62%


These factual stats tell us that we are an increasingly mobile society, and you can bet you’ll find some of your market reach online. So how can you begin integrating social media into your existing marketing platforms? Start with the basics.

  • After selecting your favorite social networking sites, don’t be afraid to share them (@ special events on flyers, in your email newsletter, find friends/community members online and share your new links with them).
  • If you have a website, begin adding social media connections there!
  • Once you’re connected online, begin adding and sharing valuable content. Those face-to-face connections and content sharing can also be added and shared online and over social networking sites!
  • Also! Don’t forget to be as in-tuned and personal with your social networking accounts as you are face-to-face or at special community events!

Your clients and community members will appreciate being able to find and connect with you in more ways than one!