Weekly Business Tip: The Problem with Multi-Tasking

If you’re anything like me, ADHD, the problem with multi-tasking is that your mind and hands jump from item to item, and in the end, it really doesn’t work out in your favor. I personally have an active mind and very busy days, so instead of cloning myself (or losing sleep trying to complete that task) I had to figure out how I can be the most efficient with what’s on my list of “To-Dos.”


So perhaps the best thing to ask yourself is “How can I achieve the best results from multi-tasking?” The key here is to set things in motion. Have tasks or systems of functionality running simultaneously so that at the end of the day (so to speak) they work on your behalf in a positive manner.

  • For instance, if there are resulting actions from phone calls or emails, start with those first, letting those systems function in the background while you focus on client meetings or operations perhaps.
  • Another way to be more effective is to set blocks of time for accomplishing major, medium, and minor activities. Don’t allow cross-pollination from other task categories.
  • Or perhaps you can learn to relinquish smaller task items by delegating them to a trustful helper or employee.

This way, more items get done more effectively and efficiently, and you’re not growing extra arms or creating more time on a 24-hour day (or your 8-hour workday).

For me this means more time I have to slip away to the beach, smoke my favorite cigar, or cuddle up next to my fiancé and dogs!



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