Weekly Business Tip: Simple Steps to Conversion

Oh my goodness! We make conversion sooooo hard sometimes! Then we sort of confuse ourselves with all of these marketing equations, ROI, so on and so forth! Well, there actually is the right mix of organizational goals and actions that translate into a dynamic formula that – get this – is specific to your business! No there’s not a one size fits all; there are actions that each team member – starting with leadership – has to take. One of the simplest ways I can share with you right now is: DAH DAH DAAAAH – the FOLLOW UP!


One of the biggest ways we miss business opportunities is failing to follow up (which I have been totally guilty of myself!). That connection you made online, the emailed question you never answered, the personal handshake that you forgot the name of, the lost business card! Following up is one of the most important things you can do because it shows that you are committed and that you care! So show your contacts your Crest smile in more ways than one – perhaps it may lead you to that incredible referral!

Biz Pitch Question: How often do you make personal contacts/follow-ups, and do you think it is important to your brand plan?



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