Traditional Marketing is Dead, And New Media is A Spoof

Now that I’ve got your attention, of course I don’t think new media is a “spoof” (dramatic eye roll). And traditional marketing certainly isn’t dead. The emergence of new communication media that helps translate our conversations into web 2.0 (ie more interactive and two-way conversation online) has given birth to social media experts that consistently yell “New Media Is the New Communication!” And by drastic contrast, there’s the traditionalist…clutching to traditional marketing like it’s a bag of gold: “Traditional Marketing Still WORKS!!”

I agree – with BOTH sides. Traditional marketing is merely the concept of sharing a message and building a system of trust while utilizing the current trends and available resources – all in an effort to influence perceptions. There. I said it. For some reason traditional marketing concepts have been stuffed into this little trinket box of mass printing presses, door-to-door salesmen, big billboards, TV & magazine ads, and the yellow pages. And the concept of new media seems to some to be a big giant of techies, endless web portals, SEO, and “I can’t possibly say everything I need to say in 140 characters!!” You can design a great print or TV advertisement that communicates and shares, versus yelling “50% off!; We’re the best!; Our Competitors Don’t Compare!” But you can also share effectively through the use of social media.

The transition to newer communication methods isn’t as complicated or as scary as it sounds, but understanding what the term traditional marketing means is not inclusive of “abandoning” old methods. What it really boils down to is: cross-communication – your customers’ voices and your voice as a business. As the world progresses, communication doesn’t change, but the tools we use to communicate constantly change. If you’re great at adapting to the changing technological environment, then you’re probably great at adapting your business practices to fit your current market needs. Here are a few tips on erasing the lines of traditional marketing vs new media, but using tools to effectively share, communicate and respond.

  1. Get rid of billboard thinking. The Internet is your canvas. Design a great web space, and check out where your customers hang out online. However, billboards still make an impact.
  2. Your customers will talk whether it’s brick and mortar, print or online. It’s your decision to show up to the conversation. Influencing perceptions through active communication still exists.
  3. People speak, not products. Don’t blare your horn. Be real. Speak normally. Get real responses and real results.
  4. Real relationships still exist. At some point, release the mouse and shake a hand. People haven’t gotten as far disconnected to real life as they did in the movie Surrogates.

Wake up people…we are the new tradition.

Proverbs 10:20 “The tongue of the righteous is choice silver, but the heart of the wicked is of little value.”


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