Increasing Your Online Visibility

With the quickly changing business environment, traditional marketing is now becoming what is called New Media and Social Media. Many companies are having to quickly jump on the bandwagon or lose their footing. If you haven’t jumped on yet, here are a few simple steps to increase your online presence and get you rolling:

  1. Blog – By sharing regular posts about useful information and tagging them appropriately, you increase your chances of becoming a credible source within your industry, and you also increase your chances of staying the top “choices” of search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Incorporate video blogging into your posts – sites like YouTube or Vimeo give you added exposure. Link your videos back to your website, or embed them into your website.
  2. SEO – Or Search Engine Optimization. You can improve the number and quality of visits to your website by appropriately placing keywords throughout your site (in text, images, links, header, etc.) This helps you to be found “naturally” whenever Internet users search for specific keywords. Updating your content frequently helps SEO as well. One of the ways? BLOGGING! There are several ways to enhance your SEO. Here are more!
  3. Use Social Media! – Communities like Facebook and Twitter make it very easy for companies to have an immediate online presence. Engaging in conversation and sharing useful information over these types of communication media gives you valuable insight to your audience, but it also let’s them know that there are real people behind your logo. Engage daily, and share meaningful links that connect back to your website as well as other useful information.
  4. Web 2.0 – Revolutionize your online interaction by changing from a one-way communication channel to a two-way communication channel – referred to as Web 2.0. This simply means: have an online “conversation” or interaction with your users versus telling people what you want them to hear (ie having a flat website and calling it an online presence). This advocates interactive, information sharing. Incorporate videos, engage in conversation, include useful links, blog, and connect your site to your Social Media avenues. Give your customers (or potential customers) the whole shabang! Web 2.0 is more than just a fab design!


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